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    Most Asked Questions About Motorcycle Shipping

    We put this section together to try and give you the answers you’re looking for quick and easy.
    Make sure your motorcycle is within 96″ long, and 40″ wide. You need to know the weight of your motorcycle. Fold in the mirrors if possible, and remove all items from the saddlebags and glove box. DO NOT send important documents with your motorcycle. We recommend you send them with an overnight courier. The driver will not pick up or deliver the documents.
    Understanding the amount of time it takes to deliver your motorcycle after pickup. Here are some examples of delivery times, these times are estimated and should not be considered as guaranteed. East coast to west coast or west to east approximately 7-14 days Central US to east coast or central to west coast approximately 5-8 days Southern states to northern states or north to south approximately 5-8 days Within your state pickup and deliveries are approximately 1 to 3 days East coast to Hawaii is approximately 20 to 30 days. West coast to Hawaii is approximately 10 to 20 days. Keep in mind that these times are averages and can change to different situations. For example if your motorcycle is not picking up or delivering to a major city we may have to put it on a second truck and this could cause a delay.
    No, do not drain any fluids in your bike.
    Yes, please call for the most accurate quote.

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